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Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn’t a magical one-step path to financial security, nor is it the kiss of death for your credit score. Bankruptcy is a tool that can play an important part in your financial recovery, but the bankruptcy discharge is only the first step.

Our goal is to help you make lasting, positive change in your financial life: change that will impact every area of your life and open up possibilities for you and your family.

Making the most of that new beginning requires two types of change:

Rebuild Your Credit

We’ll provide you with the tools to make both of these changes.

We’ve partnered with an expert team to teach you how to manage your credit moving forward. Their system provides a clear, step-by-step approach to establishing a positive credit history and achieving a 720 credit score.

We’ll also audit your credit report to ensure accuracy. If there are errors or misrepresentations on your credit report, we’ll fight to correct them, whether that means simply disputing the item with the credit bureau or filing a consumer protection lawsuit on your behalf.

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Success Stories

Upright Law has been very patient and answered all the questions I asked. Having never needed a lawyer or filed bankruptcy I was rather anxious about stepping into this procedure.

Everyone that I have dealt with was very kind even when I thought I was probably bothering them with every little thing that I thought of.

This is all very stressful for me, especially because I was very ill and worrying every month about medical tests. I have never felt so less in control than I do now so I am very grateful for all the help that has been given me.

Jane M. Maine