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Creditor Harassment

When you’re overwhelmed by debt, the last thing you need is additional stress. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop creditors and debt collectors from looking for your pressure points. Harassing telephone calls, threats of legal action, embarrassing calls to family and friends similarly stressful tactics are all too common.

The Law Protects You

If high-pressure debt collectors leave you feeling powerless, you’re not alone. Fortunately, state and federal law protects you from many common debt collection tactics. You may be surprised to learn what debt collectors are and are not allowed to do—and how often their actions are illegal. When creditors and debt collectors cross the line, help is available. In some cases, those violations may even mean money in your pocket.

2013 Debt Collection Complaints from Consumers

Creditor Harassment

Source: Consumer Response Annual Report, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau –

Stop Creditor Harassment

UpRight Law is here to help people understand their rights and fight back against companies that break the law. Every week, we sue creditors and debt collectors who cross the line, so that our clients can rest easy. If it feels like the deck is stacked against you and your creditors have all the power, we can change that. Take a stand today.

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Upright Law has been very patient and answered all the questions I asked. Having never needed a lawyer or filed bankruptcy I was rather anxious about stepping into this procedure.

Everyone that I have dealt with was very kind even when I thought I was probably bothering them with every little thing that I thought of.

This is all very stressful for me, especially because I was very ill and worrying every month about medical tests. I have never felt so less in control than I do now so I am very grateful for all the help that has been given me.

Jane M. Maine