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Samuel Z. Marks isn’t interested in impressing you with awards, affiliations, fancy watches, imported cars or some million-dollar sculpture in the reception area of his office.

He’d rather tell you a story about his last fishing expedition than try to impress you with a fancy new watch.

Sam believes that the value of an attorney lies in his or her ability to obtain results for clients.

That’s what he gets–results.  He’s proud of that and he’s just as proud that Marks Law Firm gets those results while remaining inviting, friendly and supportive.

Nothing makes Sam happier than taking a complicated case that looks hopeless and finding a way to get a positive outcome for the client.  He sees cases like puzzles–a pile of individual pieces may look intimidating, but there is a way to put them together to create a clear picture.

Sam’s proud that his office has helped more than 3,000 people in bankruptcy.  He’s enjoyed working with all of those people–learning about their situations and finding ways to put their personal puzzles together.

For Sam, that’s what the practice of law is all about–helping real people cope with their real problems.

Sam’s practice has evolved over time.  Sam graduated from Drake Law School after completing undergraduate work at the University of Iowa.  After passing the bar, he developed a general law practice that included work in criminal, family and juvenile law.  As time passed, he began focusing specifically in the areas of bankruptcy and consumer protection.

Sam is frequently asked to provide lectures to attorneys, business professionals and the public on the topics of bankruptcy and consumer protection and how these issues affect other aspects of the law.  He enjoys these presentations and the opportunity they provide to discuss current events the legal system.

Sam has received a number of awards and is proud to be a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the National Association of Consumer Advocates.  He’s involved with those organizations because they’ve provided resources he’s been able to use to help his clients–not because touting membership is a good marketing strategy or because it might impress someone.

Sam is committed to making Marks Law Firm comfortable and productive for his clients.  He’s proud of the way the team at Marks Law Firm treats its clients with respect and friendliness and understands how important it is for people dealing with highly stressful situations to feel comfortable with their attorneys.

He always enjoys a good story or a joke and you won’t catch him wearing a suit unless he’s on the way to a funeral or to court.

If you do see Sam in court, you might see two little girls with him.  Sam enjoyed spending time with his father and grandfather in their law offices and on court visits as a child and is carrying on the tradition with his children.  There’s been a member of the Marks family practicing law in Des Moines since 1938 and Sam is proud of that tradition.

When Sam isn’t working, you’ll find him fishing with his family, doing activities with the kids, working out or sometimes just sitting on his front porch enjoying a glass of iced tea with his wife.


20 years since Samuel Marks was first licensed to practice law.

State License Status Year Acquired
IA Active 2000

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Absolutely a wonderful experience. Our bankruptcy is being moved along very quickly. Questions are answered in a professional manner and anytime I had questions I could easily reach someone. We are very satisfied with UpRight Law.

Glenn & Cheri M. Kentucky

Everything was handled professionally and with the utmost customer services. We filed last year and still have a good relationship with our attorneys.

Teresa C. Washington