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A late bloomer, Joanie Perkins Potter did not attend law school until the end of a first career as a youth director. One day after running after kids all day, she pondered what she would do with the rest of her life. Surely she would not stay young and able to catch a kid when she was fifty years old. That thought led her to consider a dream she had since she was a teen working at a health center in Mendenhall, Mississippi – to become a doctor. A doctor? Well yes, she did want to become a doctor, but she knew she was much too queasy to do it. Friends of Joanie know that she gags at even the thought of bodily secretions; throws up herself when she sees throw-up, and nearly faints when she sees her own blood. So medicine wasn’t going to be the new direction for her.

Joanie’s roommate was finishing up law school and urged her to consider law. She thought about how law fit into her desires to continue serving her community and realized that becoming an attorney would be a positive way to help the community while earning a living. She only applied to one school, Mississippi College School of Law, telling herself that if she did not get in, then a legal career was not for her after all. Joanie impressed the school with her superb application – her life’s work and accomplishments, excellent grades, and remarkable family background. She was accepted and the rest is history.

Since 1996, Joanie has been running a law firm in the neighbor “hood.” Located in west Jackson, Mississippi at the Perkins Center in a big old green house, Potter Law firm seeks to serve people from all walks of life – the poor, as well as the affluent. She believes that poor people deserves good representation too, even if they don’t have a lot of money. She believes that the best representation comes from lawyers who really care. She stands up for her clients even if they have to pay her on a payment plan. She works hard for her clients. Just ask them and you will learn that Joanie is like no other. She is known to wear jeans and flip flops to the office, and creates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for her clients. But when she goes to court, all informality ends, and the other side better watch out!

In 1993, Joanie met Ron, her soul mate. The story of their love is another whole story book. They later adopted two beautiful daughters, Varah and Karah. Being with family on a Saturday morning, Joanie says, is the best time of her week. She is dedicated to exposing her girls to the world of many cultures and lifestyles. Traveling is a great love. Her adventures have carried her to Japan, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Haiti, Cayman Island, Mexico, Bahamas, cities like Venice, Mazatlan, Porto Prince, Rome, Florence, Luzern, Paris, London, Montreal, and all over the USA, her favorite cities being New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kona, New Orleans, and Chicago.

The whole family loves Broadway. Her very first Broadway show in NYC was The Wiz. She says she was mesmerized and hooked for life. Since that time Joanie has had a continuous itch to get to New York to see shows. She and her family and friends have enjoyed many shows including The Color Purple (also her favorite movie), Memphis, The Play’s the Thing, The Lion King, Wicked, Hair Spray, and Fences with Denzel Washington where she sat on the front corner row, literally three feet from several scenes. She says with pride, “I promise you, he was projecting his voice (as they do on stage) and a dab of spit hit my face – my lip to be exact. I’m usually the gagging type, but I did not mind. At that moment, I just pretended it was a kiss from my favorite actor. I was elated to the point of giddy.”

Joanie’s faith keeps her grounded. She’s won numerous awards and has accomplished a great deal. But the Lord in her life keeps her humble and submissive to his will. Every morning you will find Joanie sitting in “her spot” by the windows in her great room, candles lit, Bible open, spending time meditating, writing in her journal, praying and reading. Many years of these quiet morning moments helped Joanie through the thick and thin, through good times and bad. She is a member of Redeemer Church and serves her church through singing in her church choir. She started a choir Facebook page and there members and friends from all over the world can enjoy the songs of the choir each Sunday.

Joanie loves to have fun with friends and family. Her motto is “live life to the fullest every day.” Blessed with a bubbly personality and genuine smile, she is admired and adored by her friends and clients.

“Joanie is a rare jewel,” says one long-time client. “She is a great woman of God and an awesome lawyer who has represented me well over the years through all my legal trials. And through it all, she became and remains a true and loyal friend.”


25 years since Joanie Perkins Potter was first licensed to practice law.

State License Status Year Acquired
MS Active 1996


School Major Degree Graduated
Mississippi College School of Law Law J.D. 1992
Jackson State University B.A. 1988

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