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Medical Care Increasingly Out of Reach for Baby Boomers, Gen Xers

Posted by Tiffany Sanders, J.D.


It’s no secret that medical care in the U.S. is expensive–prohibitively so for many people. Medical debt is a significant contributor to consumer bankruptcy in the United States, and even people with medical insurance coverage can find themselves buried in medical bills.

A recent study from NORC (formerly the National Opinion Research Center) at the University of Chicago and West Health Institute revealed that 40% of subjects had skipped a recommended test or treatment in the previous 12 months, and 44% had skipped going to the doctor when they were sick or injured.

While there are many possible reasons a person might opt not to get a particular medical test or decide not to head to the doctor when he was feeling under the weather, 30% said that they’d had to choose between paying for health care and paying basic living expenses such as food, shelter, and utilities.

While younger Americans report skipping medical care more often than their older counterparts, the effects of neglecting healthcare needs can be much more significant as a person ages.

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Posted on May 24th, 2018

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