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Each UpRighter fuels our success so we’re serious about creating career growth opportunities. Through the classes taught at UpRight University there is an opportunity for you to develop and reach personal success. We take pride in improving one of the best parts of UpRight Law, you.

The goal of UpRight University is simple, to deliver an authentic whole brain experience, targeting both the left and right side, uniquely meshing idea and practice. UpRight University focuses on learning that challenges, inspires, motivates and facilitates cross functional teachings to empower our teammates to be successful. There are tons of courses to take on a wide range of topics from Meditation to Leadership skills. Classes are taught each and every day.

Have something you are passionate about? Create a class and become the instructor! UpRight University in by UpRighters for UpRighters. Our core value of Understand and Educate comes to life at UpRight University.