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Credit Report Auditing

Filing for bankruptcy provides an opportunity to start anew. When a person discharges unmanageable unsecured debt in a Chapter 7 case or catches up past-due mortgage payments and other secured debts in a Chapter 13 case, she should emerge from bankruptcy more financially secure and ready to move forward with confidence.

One important aspect of that fresh start is the opportunity to rebuild credit. Building a solid credit history isn’t just about access to credit cards. Credit scores impact a consumer’s ability to buy large-ticket items like homes and vehicles, and also determine how expensive those purchases will be. Credit history also impacts areas many people aren’t even aware of, like eligibility for certain jobs and automobile insurance rates.

Credit Reporting after Bankruptcy

It’s impossible to build a positive credit history if old, discharged debt keeps cropping back up on credit reports or is factored into credit scores. Federal law strictly governs what creditors are (and are not) allowed to report to credit reporting agencies such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax after bankruptcy discharge.

Unfortunately, some creditors are sloppy about reporting. Some even submit inaccurate reports intentionally, hoping to pressure consumers into paying debts they’re no longer legally responsible for.

Upright Law Audits Your Credit Report

At Upright Law, we’re determined to give you every opportunity to build a stronger financial future. To make sure your financial recovery isn’t derailed by careless or dishonest credit reporting, we will review your credit report six months after discharge. If creditors or collectors are reporting past due balances or otherwise failing to comply with the law, we’ll take action to clean up your credit report. In some cases, you may be entitled to monetary damages.

Disputing Your Credit Report

Our scheduled credit report audit protects you against credit reporting inaccuracies that can damage your credit score, cost you money and even impact other areas of your life. When sloppy or malicious reporting threatens your credit history and your credit score, our audit will uncover that activity. Then, we’ll take quick action to protect the accuracy of your credit report and, where appropriate, pursue monetary damages.

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Upright Law has been very patient and answered all the questions I asked. Having never needed a lawyer or filed bankruptcy I was rather anxious about stepping into this procedure.

Everyone that I have dealt with was very kind even when I thought I was probably bothering them with every little thing that I thought of.

This is all very stressful for me, especially because I was very ill and worrying every month about medical tests. I have never felt so less in control than I do now so I am very grateful for all the help that has been given me.

Jane M. Maine