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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

Debt collectors may leave you feeling powerless, but you’re not. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from dishonest, abusive and harassing actions by debt collectors. When collection agencies and other third party debt collectors break the rules, we can sue them for damages—and we do.

Many violations of the FDCPA are so common that most people don’t even know these actions are illegal. Dishonest debt collectors bank on fear and uncertainty when they use these tactics, and it works. They often get away with breaking the law because people don’t know their rights, and the stress abusive collectors create gets in the way of research and clear decision-making. Unfortunately, many also get away with these tactics because a lot of bankruptcy lawyers let these violations slide.

When you know your rights and have true advocates on your side, you don’t have to tolerate this kind of behavior. You can hold debt collectors accountable and, in many cases, collect money damages from them.

Common FDCPA Violations

The FDCPA also requires the debt collector to verify the debt if it is disputed in writing within thirty days, and to cease collection efforts with regard to any disputed portion of the debt until that verification has been provided.

How UpRight Law Can Help

UpRight Law takes a holistic approach to debt. Many firms focus entirely on bankruptcy and consider their work done when the bankruptcy discharge is entered. Our goal is to help you make a long-term change that will improve your finances and your life. We’ll invest in finding the right solution for you, prosecuting violations of consumer protection laws, getting you a fresh financial start and then protecting that new beginning by monitoring your credit report and fighting creditors and debt collectors who aren’t following the rules.

FDCPA Summary

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal statute that protects consumers from dishonest, harassing or abusive actions by debt collectors. Those collectors count on fear and guilt to keep consumers from learning their rights and fighting back, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The law was designed not only to put a stop to abusive collection activities, but to make those abusive collectors pay.

When debt collectors violate the law, they could be required to pay monetary damages.

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Upright Law has been very patient and answered all the questions I asked. Having never needed a lawyer or filed bankruptcy I was rather anxious about stepping into this procedure.

Everyone that I have dealt with was very kind even when I thought I was probably bothering them with every little thing that I thought of.

This is all very stressful for me, especially because I was very ill and worrying every month about medical tests. I have never felt so less in control than I do now so I am very grateful for all the help that has been given me.

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